Software Consulting

We help our clients develop industrial strentgh software applications and achieve IT project success.

Our services include project management, consulting for development and service outsourcing, interim management, coaching in both object-oriented and service-oriented software techbnologies, development methodologies and processes; as well as hands-on consulting for UML and use-case-driven approaches to software development.

Our clients benefit from our successful track record in implementing state-of-the-art and appropriate software processes that improve the performance of software engineering teams.

We work intensively with our clients to increase their software process maturity and streamline their development organization to more effectiveness and customer-centered agility.

Our clients value our expertise in managing projects and teams that aim at developing and maintaining high-quality software in a multi-product, multi-release and multi-site environment, including near-shore and off-shore development.

We conduct strategy-oriented platform migration projects and provide valuable insights and hands-on support in all phases of the software lifecycle.

We provide high-impact software consulting for the optimal use of the best solutions.

To request a service or discuss how we can help you, call us at +49(160) 3668368, send us an e-mail or use our online request form.