About Xpertim

We are problem-solvers and advisors with expertise and passion in helping our clients innovate and succeed in their business.

Since its incorporation in the 90s Xpertim is focusing on the one hand on Africa Business Consulting and on the other hand on Innovation Consulting, especially for software-based New Product Development.

Our clients value our experts comprehensive grasp of the business and political landscapes throughout Africa. They rely on our 360° market view and years of busness and consulting experience in these markets, as well as our successful track record in turning business opportunities into tangible and profitable business realities.

We are also well known and much valued for our expertise in driving innovation and improving our clients' competitiveness through the use of Artificial Intelligence, advanced semantics search, and language technologies to provide smart solutions to optimize business processes, leverage information-based customer services, and ensure effective information and document management.

We provide profound insights and expertise when it is about increasing the software process maturity of software development organizations and streamlining them to more effectiveness and customer-centered agility.

We are committed to produce value for our clients by providing deep insights that let them create higher values and strengthen their competitiveness in their business. And we don't stop there. We work with them in projects to turn these insights into measurable success that exposes substantial positive impact on their performance.

That's our preferred way of building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients: we deliver value and impact to earn their trust. We respect them and we won't be satisfied until they are.

That's Xpertim's high-impact consulting.

To request a service or discuss how we can help you, call us at +49 (160) 3668368, send us an e-mail or use our online request form.