Africa Business Consulting

The diversity and business environment of the emerging and rapidly expanding african markets make them unique and highly challenging for businesses. We are well positioned to meet our clients' needs and help them succeed in these markets.

Our clients value our comprehensive grasp of the business and political landscapes throughout Africa. They rely on our 360° market view and years of business and consulting experience in these markets, as well as our successful track record in creating and turning business opportunities into tangible and profitable business realities.

We maintain a strong and reliable network of decision-makers in the regions and markets we operate in - both in politics and business, in and outside of Africa.

We provide business development services for international companies entering or expanding in African markets. Our engagements are dominated by business opportunities with respect to midsize and large infrastructure projects including telecommunications services and operations, information technologies, construction, transportation, health and security.

We open doors and close deals for our clients.

We provide high-impact Africa Business consulting from opportunity scouting to business success.

To request a service or discuss how we can help you, call us at +49(160) 3668368, send us an e-mail or use our online request form.