Innovation Consulting

Innovation is one of the most effective ways for companies to achieve growth.

We initiate and manage innovation projects; in particular when it is about identifying the right technologies for our clients' challenges, as well as transferring technologies out of the lab into the marketplace.

Our experts conduct and coordinate new product development activities, support start-ups in early phases and actively work with our clients throughout all the phases from the strategic planning to market launch; including product concept elaboration, design and development of solution architectures for software-based innovation.

We have years of experience and a successful track record in applying Application Intelligence, text mining techniques, and innovative software technologies to solve industrial problems in several areas. This includes advanced search and information management solutions in a variety of market segments and application domains.

Our knowledge of the relevant technologies, the market and the innovation process allows us to quickly develop a comprehensive understanding of their potential to our clients' profitability.

Our clients include:

  • Companies who seek to leverage their information systems for application areas like business intelligence, customer-oriented e-services, news aggregation, information push services, semantic search, and information management including information gathering, structuring, and retrieval
  • Independent software vendors who wish to strengthen their software products and portfolio
  • Solution providers working on projects that aim at building or improving information systems exposing an increased ability to (semantically) understand and intelligently process unstructured, textual data. This results in increased work productivity for end users and faster return on investment for customers.
We help entrepreneurs and work intensively with them to turn visionary ideas into successful innovations.

We provide expertise in New Product Development (e.g. PDMA best practices). Our services also include business plan and product concept elaboration, as well as interim management.

Our focus lies on information technologies and intelligent information systems.

We cooperate with research groups to identify and transfer promising research results out-of-the-lab into the marketplace. In particular, we partner with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) which is one of the largest not-for-profit contract research institutes in the field of innovative software technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods.

We provide high-impact innovation consulting for the optimal use of the best solutions. To request a service or discuss how we can help you, call us at +49(160) 3668368, send us an e-mail or use our online request form.